Thursday, November 11, 2010

5 Places For Girls to Get Sexy Tattoos

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, it is a decision to make carefully. Once you put a tattoo on, it is a permanent commitment. Sure, there is laser removal if you really decide you don't want the tattoo, but that is painful, costly and doesn't completely do the trick. So, before you decide to put a tattoo on your body make sure you carefully consider where to put it. As a woman, you want to come up with a sexy location for that tattoo. Here are the top 5 sexy spots to have a tattoo:
On Your Hip - The hip is a great place to place that tattoo if you want it to be sexy. Between low rider jeans, that will show off a little bit of your tat, to bikini weather, which will really show it off, it will draw all eyes to it and get the attention of any guy in the area.
Tailbone - The tailbone is a perfect place for a sexy tattoo. This will really show off when you lean up to get a drink and everyone gets a small peek of the tattoo. They will be chomping at a bit wanting to see
the rest of it.
Just Above the Pubic Area - There is not much more sexy than a tattoo just above the pubic area. It is a site of intrigue and interest of every man who sees it, a tease, if you will, of what else may be hidden.
Belly Button - With cut off shirts and belly rings being so popular, it's a no-brainer that belly button tattoos are a sexy way to accessorize. It is an automatic piece of 'jewelry' that is always in place on your body and getting attention.

Ankle - While most men can't say why, they will all admit seeing a little something on the ankle of a woman is very sexy.

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